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Monday, 17 April 2006



........ i must have had a very skilled doctor
i was awake and while it wasnt my idea of a great afternoon i wasnt in any pain. sorry you had such a craptastic day
hugs and stuff


My heart goes out to you! {{{{Hugs}}}}!! Those awful doctors will get what's coming to them for harming you. The medical board should know about their treatment (or lack of) practice.


I have to have that procedure every two years but I've NEVER had to be awake. How very terrible. I can't even imagine. I SO sympathize!


Egads, sweetie--I am so, so sorry you had to go through such a painful procedure with such callous individuals! The least they could do, would be to acknowledge your pain.

Anyway, I'm glad you stuck it out, and now it's over. Hope your migraines are gone, and that you are relaxing with Smartboy and the DogDuo.


Oh my God! I am sooooosorry that happened to you! The lady here who has routine colonoscopies has them use general I think and put her COMPLETELY out. I thought that's what you were doing to (as I am sure you did too!!!) You poor little thing! Oh I feel so terrible for you and your poor heiney. I hope it becomes a distant memory...oh, the humanity of it all. I hope today is MUCH better!


Oh my. Oh, Honey, I am so sorry for you. Wow. If I were you...I would be on the phone to SOMEONE to complain...there is just no cause for that!!! Scolding? Totally unnecessary. Was the doctor there during all of this, or was this his staff doing the procedure and he gets to read the results?? I feel awful for you. I do truly hope that some good comes of this...but wow, what a traumatic experience. ((((((lisa))))) I'm sending lots of love your way.


Oh my Lisa... what a horrible day(s) you have had... sending good thoughts your way.

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