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Thursday, 31 May 2007



hi lisa!!!!!! i always find you to be so fascinating. i've finally responded to your blog...but i kinda cheated and posted on my "semi-top secret blog" rather than my regular one. :)

Lisa K

Rats. It was a Five Things meme that I posted earlier this year. Can I just add two more? Like, (1) Once, I made my friend laugh so hard she. . . . Oh. Maybe this isn't the place for that?

How about:
1. Even though I hate the fact that they call it "Ladies' Beer Night," I am looking forward to meeting up with some girlfriends in a little bit.

2. Phiance got me into manga and anime. Like I needed another geeky interest.


Also, I should have said we could always meet up at the Stitch 'n Pitch next month! Baseball isn't my thing but Darling loves it, so perhaps the men could enjoy the game while we knitted and embroidered away.


This was fun to read (and I'll have to respond to the tag later...)

Reading about your husband is so cute. lol It really made me smile and there's a skirt hanging here beside me just screaming for a zipper, but you made me smile. :)

I also agree with you on #2. It does offend people. "But - but - but!"

We can try to meet any time you like! My feelings are rather the same way...all of my friends are in MI or TN and scattered all over the country. One of the downsides of progress, I suppose. :( I miss them very much. The only problem we'd have is I'm a nester homebody too. ;)

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