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Sunday, 23 September 2007



i love you, lisa. :)


You're welcome! :)

I swear, that stuff lasts forever. I keep a small amount in a random spray bottle (honestly, I think I bought a small trial size of some hair spray and dumped that out, because it was the cheapest way to get a small spray bottle), and just spray it on in the morning. I can't even tell you when I got the big bottle either, it's been so long.

The dirty little secret of nearly all of the cosmetics companies is that the ingredients in similar products are the same. Price differences are usually a result of marketing and packaging, and not because the ingredients are better. They're not all exactly the same, of course - more expensive eyeshadows may have a higher level of pigment, so their colors go on a little more true, or they're blended better so they're smoother, and so on - but there are definitely more similarities than differences.

On a random Steelers note - OMG, you should see my friend Donnie's house. He's been a Steelers fan all of his life, and I went by his house last fall. The entire two-car garage is a *shrine*. Seriously, if you ever go to Williamsburg, let me know and I will put you in touch with him. You've got to see this.

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