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Sunday, 06 January 2008



this is why i don't watch sports. no matter what, i'll start to care. once i care, it'll matter if the team i've adopted for the day wins or loses. if it loses, i'm cranky.

sorry it didn't work out. now go knit yourself out of a funk.


Ah! Dennis was so happy when I just informed him that it was YOUR FAULT that we lost. He was sure it was all his fault because they seem to lose every time he's home for a game.

We know without a doubt this is true because he got disgusted with the game and went upstairs while the Steelers were still down by 18. Then they rallied! When they were just 4 behind, I called him, thinking he'd surely want to see this and totally forgetting the Dennis Curse. Sure enough, once he came back in, they messed up those two point conversions and went on to lose.

Still, Dennis is glad to hear it's you and not him.


You can't possibly be the center of the universe. Perhaps a solar system. I say this because there's a lot of space that revolves around me. ;)

I'm also pretty sure that the fact that I didn't get home until late on Thursday is the reason why Virginia Tech lost its bowl game. :P


maybe it was the slippers. What a hard game to watch. We were disappointed here as well.

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