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Tuesday, 15 April 2008



comments are like train wrecks. i love to read ones on youtube and eBay. whew they get angry. oh, and by putting 6 dozen exclamation marks, i'm showing you i can kick arse.


what?! why the ( )s?


this is so cruel if u do that to an animal in front of me i'm going to kill u dont think i wont cuz i will. you suck!!!!!!!

what kind of rage is this? forum rage?


Those have been posted many times already. According to the other postings, the mystery items are feet for a clawfoot bathtub. (I guess it wouldn't be a "claw" foot tub, then.)


I need a little orientation here. You get an RSS feed from the local cra*gslist? Why? The first one is funny, but probably more funny if I knew what you're talking about, as the list turns. Sad to be on the outside of your jokes, but it seems I need some remedial education. The second one was funny enough to stand on its own, mostly. love.

[i subscribe to an rss feed for the for sale/wanted section, the pets section, and the garage and yard sale section of pittsburgh's craig's list. we buy a lot of secondhand furniture, love to trawl yard sales and estate sales, and i've been wanting a couple of cats for ages, so that's why i watch them. and every once in a while, something makes me laugh. this http://lisabee.typepad.com/justbee/2008/04/very-very-small.html was the first post i wrote about this. nothing funny today, though :( -- ed.]


They look like the pedals on a piano [i think she is right! - ed.]


VERY fancy drumsticks. Larger than shown in the picture, of course.

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