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Saturday, 02 August 2008



there is a weekly magazine in brisbane i'll open only to look for the freebie coupon. i rarely read it. queensland's newspapers tend to be tabloid-style rags. i did read one article about foul language. i notice that they curse more here. i've even fallen. i love some of the expressions: f'wit, for f's sake, bloody hell.

there was a typo in the article that cracked me up. i can't remember if they meant so write shot, ship, shin, or shut. they didn't. what a wonderful typo. some are meant to be.


The frequency with which the letter L is omitted from the word public is largely responsible for my having a job. In the gap between when I started work and my predecessor left, there was actually an incident where something was printed with just that error and no one noticed it until it was ready to deliver.

It's good to know that I'm not the only obsessive, er, conscientious copy editor out there!


I saw that on Keith- how exciting for you! I missed the "antrax" though. I wonder if they'll mention it on "Beat the Press" on Verdict that comes on after Keith.

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