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Tuesday, 02 June 2009



Oh no! So mortifying. I've recently had a bunch of family members join Facebook (including my very Catholic 19-year-old cousin), so I do find myself censoring...

P.S. How is it that Randall Terry is not in prison? Seriously.


I think that's why it's been so difficult for me to post to my LJ recently...there always seems to be someone out there who will take offense where truly, none was meant. *sigh*


i hadn't checked, but i did mean her. i love her. she was into some colour aura religion in A Mighty Wind.

someone can always take offense. i had a (new) friend get offended when i referred to the women who founded my old school as "lesbian hippies". well, they were. they were lesbians; they were hippies. it wasn't a description to get a look in her head.

i bet those who knew you knew. ah. i hope my not responding didn't worry you. i am just not savvy with twitterfon yet.

we'll meet some day. (cue ballad.)

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