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Wednesday, 13 October 2010



I'm just catching up on that thread now that you've brought it to my attention. While I think it's important to figure out how to stop bullying, I'd be reluctant to step in and try to moderate a situation where you were so far removed.

I'm sad I'll never have the opportunity to visit ThreadBear. I'd heard such good things about that shop


it is really too bad that the shop owners were unable to keep it going and that several people lost their livelihoods over the situation. This crushing economy is sparing very few.


First of all- good post!

It's like I tell my kids when they have arguments with one another (or other folks, like me):

It's OK to be angry sometimes. It's not OK to act purely out of that anger.

That doesn't mean not sticking up for yourself or letting yourself get walked all over, but it does mean that you really need to stop and think about if your reaction is purely from the anger (and therefore is almost certainly destructive in some fashion) or if your reaction is constructive and loving in spite of the anger.


i totally think that the former employees have a right to be upset--i don't know enough firsthand to know whether the anger toward rob personally is deserved, but they certainly have every right to be angry. what i didn't like is the public attack on his character and him personally. none of us, including those employees, knows what rob's intentions were, and most of us don't know most of the facts. maybe any comment taken alone isn't bullying, but the collective dogpile of them would be painful if it were me. and not educationally or constructively--just hurtfully.


Huh. I didn't see that as bullying at all. I saw some employees who -- I mean, you see what I do, I work really hard and it's not for the money -- put their hearts into that store and now are getting absolutely nothing, with no notice or warning.


you're a very kind guy, brennan. there are lots of sides to every story, and i guess my thinking is that--regardless of who made mistakes and whether they were intentional or not--there are always ways to express your feelings that don't involve personal attacks that can pile up on someone the way i fear they do. he might have made some awful decisions and been downright stupid--i don't know, i'm not in his brain or life--but i'd like to see more-constructive discussion in public fora than what i found on that forum. i don't know. i'm definitely DEFINITELY far from perfect. this is something with which i struggle in a lot of situations, but all the attention lately on bullying has had me thinking about it in situations that might not have caught my attention before.


The very fact that this shop owner is so far behind on his rent is because he sacrificed everything to stay in business, likely because he loved what he did. The items the customers purchased on sale during this time would have been another attempt at keeping the business going... they saved at the owner's expense. He will lose everything, and will have to bankrupt in the end... Customers lost $20 or so in value... Employees will likely be paid, per the judgement in bankruptcy. This man who served his community, fighting off and making far less than he would working for some large conglomerate, and very likely without any clue to the realities of a failed market system, will now suffer far greater than any of his ungrateful customers will... I feel for him greatly.

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