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Friday, 12 August 2011



not em dashes. hyphenating the whole phrase would actually be more correct grammatically than quotation marks (Not that we-walk-around-the-office-without-our-shoes-on kind of understanding) because the phrase is a phrasal adjective, or unit modifier, of the word "kind." but hyphenating something that long can look kind of obnoxious, so the quotes are an acceptable alternative. i'd never do either one in a formal report, but for ad copy or something like this, it's okay.
and now i have topics for my two next posts: fences (such as em dashes) and the different kinds of dashes! :)

Lisa K

So quotation marks, not "-" (I forget if that's en or em) dashes to join those words?


i totally agree!! i should clarify: this wasn't in the manuscript i was editing; it was in the copy of an ad i clicked on a web-published article whose citation i was verifying. but yeah, marketing copy can make me nuts sometimes. would it kill a hipster to be clear sometimes?


Wow. Even with the proper punctuation, that is some really rotten writing.

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