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Sunday, 04 September 2011


Geetu (sihaya on Rav)

Such great news. You're truly an AWESOME cat mommy to work so hard to resolve the problem.

Bless you!! and give those sweet cats smooches from me!

geetu (sihaya from Ravelry)


i think i ordered the get serious on amazon, whence all wonderful (material) things come. and yes, you're welcome to borrow the blacklight. everything seems to be working great here, and i'll be happy to help out chez n, too!


Where did you get the Get Serious? And may I borrow the blacklight when I begin Operation Basement? I fell behind when I became SingleMommy, and then I was sick just when things were going well. So now I'm at the point where I can once again consider really recovering and USING my basement. But to do that, I need to make sure the cats know that once I clean, they cannot regress. When I am diligent with the boxes, they do not regress. I'm thinking between a SUPAHDUPAH CLEANING and adding a couple more boxes, I can do what you did. Yay, Ms. Bee! You're my hero!

Mark Dalrymple

YAY!!! And I love the name Operation Clusterbox.


1. I am so happy for you! This whole thing has to have been really hard on all of you.

2. I wonder if this would work for my 3 year old son who has recently taken to peeing all over my entire house.

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