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Thursday, 06 April 2006



sniff. i just read your blog tonite, and i am sooooo sooo sorry. my cats mean the world to me, and no matter how much you feel that you appreciate them in life, you really realize how much more than you even imagined they mean to you when they pass away. one of our cats passed away a few years ago, and it seems like yesterday, i still cry when i think about him. i felt like my heart was broken. i am so so so sorry to hear the news, and i hope you are taking care of yourself...if you have any of her fur from brushings, i would be happy to make it into some yarn for you if you like...let me know.

sloppy, smelly kissies and warm fuzzies from my kitties to you,

Amy M

I'm really sorry Lisa. I know remember the heartache that you are going through and I dread the next time we'll have to go through the pain again. Last year, when we lost The Destroyer, DH and I didn't do anything for several days. I hope that you're guests will be understanding that things aren't quite right at the moment.



I'm so, so sorry. I am sitting here w/tears running down my face. What a lovely tribute to Kuan Yin. I hope time heals. And I know that you'll see her again. *hugs*


i have 4.
Sonja is getting old.
im dreading the day.
much love and compassion,

lisa k

A year and a month, to the day, since Catly went. Like-minded in many ways, they were.

love, me


Oh sweetie...I know that headache so well. You were such a good cat-mom! And so wonderful to her all the way to the end. You're my hero. I have a 17 y/o kitty...I am where you were months ago, realizing the inevitable WILL come. Here's a bloggy hug. She couldn't have had better people to love and to be loved by :)

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