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Thursday, 01 October 2009



Oh gracious. I read this and I wanted to weep. When I met you, I had met my idol. I SO wanted to be like you. I spent so much time trying so much to be like you without being too obvious. I am sure I was completely transparent. I usually am since I am so niave about things of that nature. I thought you were one the the COOLEST people I had ever met in my entire life!! Believe it or not, I idolized you and Lisa those two summers. Since then, over the last twenty years or so, I have sometimes wondered how my life might be different, if I had followed some of your advice and made some different choices in my life. I just thought you had it all together and you were what I wanted to be in so many ways.

That gives you a little different perspective of your life...from the outside in...


Dear lady... There is NOTHING wrong with your nose! It is a work of art! We all have something(s) about ourselves that we do not care for when comparing it to others we see, and are told are "more perfect". Throughout history, man has had a wide variance of appearance, but what has always truly defined them, and their legacy, is who they were inside, not what they looked like... It is merely the base part of humanity that looks to the seemingly obvious and then ceases to go further.
I wish I had known you better in school as well... I hated bullies...


Teenage girls are evil. Sorry you were victim to some of the *more* evil variety, but yeah, I'd say you turned out OK. :)


and look how good we turned out! :)


From another who was bullied mercilessly in middle school and pretty much just ignored in high school, I hear you. Good post.

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