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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Sharlotte DeVere

Another suggestion Lisa . . . touch base with the instructor and let her know what specific things triggered pain for you - in a class setting like that, the instructor is often in a position of "guessing" what may be giving you trouble and (this varies with instructor and studio/gym) has to walk a fine line between helping the first-timers and keeping the class moving for the regulars.

It sounds like they need to try to run a separate series of shorter "beginners classes" every-so-often to let newcomers learn the basics and get up to speed before "being tossed into the deep end of the pool".

But do try to talk to someone and ask questions/offer suggestions. If you don't say anything they won't know why you left early and won't have a chance to make things better either for you or the next "newbie" who comes to class. ;-)


PS Yoga does get better and you do have to listen to your body and make sure you aren't hurting yourself - especially when you are learning. Child's pose is perfectly acceptable for 'waiting out' what you can't do. Plus if the instructor sees you staying in child's pose for a while - I bet you'll get asked what hurts and be given some additional modifications. :-)


that's a great offer, brooke! i could try that.


Lisa, this is how I feel in any group exercise class. I empathize!!! I am another vote for Pilates. I've used Mari Windsor for years. I can dig up the DVD set for you if you would like to test it out. I have them (at least the butt one) memorized, so I don't recall the extra features, but I believe she spells out the moves slowly and clearly. You can try it out at home!!!


thanks for the recommendations, amy! i'll check them out. i already have the urban active membership and so was pretty jazzed about being able to do it there (and i'm spending a TON of money on a trainer there, which makes spending money at a separate place for yoga a little unappealing), but it might be worth checking out anyway. will do :)


Lisa, I would try yoga on centre. They have a lot of classes that are specific to injury or areas you want to improve flexibility through iyengar philosophy. To be honest, I've found the best instructors are at yoga studios and nor the gyms. They need to pass specific yoga certifications depending on thebstyle. Schoolhouse yoga and bys in south side are very good too.


Aarrgh! Yoga not you


I found Pilates was fantastic for my lower back and it meant I could return to yoga. I know they are very different but I know I need a certain level if fitness to feel like I achieve something in a you class.
Oh and Bowen massage might help with the spasm, just google it xxx


I'm so sorry your first yoga experience was so bad :(

Don't give up on it altogether - I know that different studios offer classes that are for only beginners, or go slower for people with back pains, etc. If you'd like, I'll gladly go to one of those with you post-pregnancy (and then I can help you out with alternate poses, etc).


yeah, i even did approach her before class started and told her i'd never done yoga and never taken a class before, and she was super friendly and welcoming. and she *did* make sure to add a lot of helpful adaptations for some of the poses, but really no alternatives for the most-painful ones. that combined with the repetitions of the pose sequences when i really didn't have a comfortable way of doing them once, well, that kind of did me in. :(
they do offer pilates a few times a week. maybe i'll give that a try. just so discouraged!


Aw Lisa! It sounds like the instructor should have checked for new recruits before the class started and checked in with you at certain times. Any class I have attended, the instructor has always done this.
Don't be sad, maybe a Pilates class would be better for your back? xxx

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